Together we can turn resource challenges for growing organizations into agility for your company.
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•Post-merger integration project management & consulting
•HIPAA Audits and Assessments Project Management
•Client Services Delivery Improvement
•Technology & Software Startup Consulting Services
•GRC Software Configuration & Implementation Services
•Governance, risk, & compliance audits project management and readiness
•HITRUST Audits and Assessments Project Management
•New Product/New Service Launch
•Health Informatics Technology & Software Implementation Projects

How Agility PMI Began

With revenue production awards, and diverse experiences across vertical markets in client services, sales, project management, consulting, and management roles under her belt, Anja founded Agility PMI in 2012 to specialize in providing flexible project and consulting services for growing small and mid-sized organizations.

Our service offerings are aligned with our client’s internal organizational resource constraints, while overlaying expert attention to detail and execution.

We Provide:

•Software/services implementation project management
•Client services & project delivery improvement consulting
•SOCT1 & SOCT2 Audits and Assessments Project Management
•M&A Post-Merger Organizational Integration Projects

Our Promise

We manage our client’s pivotal operational projects so they can focus on their people, and achieve their strategic goals and revenue targets.

Project Notables:

  • Post-Merger Integration Projects
  • HIPAA, HITRUST & SOC Audit Project Leadership
  • Governance & Compliance Software Implementations
  • Enterprise Risk Management Software Implementations
  • IT Infrastructure Security & Compliance Software Projects
  • Governance, Risk, Compliance Audit Readiness & Remediation
  • Health Informatics Software Projects
  • Healthcare Market Development Services
  • Healthcare Payor Utilization Management Projects
  • Healthcare Provider Care Coordination Software Projects
  • State Medicaid Agency Utilization Management Program Rollouts
  • Healthcare Information Technology Adoption Campaigns
  • Clinical Labor Optimization Projects
  • New Product/New Service Launch
  • Human Capital Management Software Implementations
  • Client Services Improvement
  • Startup Development
  • New Partnership Alliances

-Anja F. Timmerman

Founder & Principal Consultant, MSHI, CPHIMS

Our Philosophy

Customizing services to our client’s organizational needs, providing value at a reasonable cost, and delivering lasting results.




  • Tres Thompson
  • Terrance Kopp
  • Newton Ross
  • Donna Baker-Miller
  • Chris Kiklas
  • Laura Shapland
  • Dr. Edward Williams
  • Tres Thompson


    "I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Anja on a significant acquisition that we completed earlier this year. Anja helped project manage our integration efforts, which was no simple task. Anja's attention to detail and her ability to keep people focused on the tasks at hand were integral to the overall success of the project. She did an outstanding job and I would highly recommend her for similar projects in the future!"

  • Terrance Kopp


    "Anja helped bring direction and stability to the company’s regional health plans and government business. She has a fierce determination to excel, is well organized, focused on details, and committed to quality and customer service. Anja was persistent in leveraging internal organizational resources to improve client deliverables."

  • Newton Ross


    "I have had the pleasure of working with Anja on several acquisition integrations projects and the re-branding of our company. Anja has consistently performed at a high level and was able to assist us in meeting all of our meaningful milestones."

  • Donna Baker-Miller

    VP Sales-Medicaid & Government Markets

    "Anja is a dedicated professional who has an extensive background in the health care field which includes IT, customer service and operations. Anja is excellent at finding the appropriate individual to approach when developing a business relationships and inevitably comes away with a strong understanding of what is needed for both parties to succeed. She is detailed oriented and does not let important matters fall through the cracks. Anja shares information readily and is, refreshingly, truly focused on the success of the team, rather than only her own achievements. I strongly recommend Anja for a leadership position."

  • Chris Kiklas

    Director Product Management

    "Anja is a detail oriented professional who always gets the job done. There is no task too large for her to take on and nothing she is afraid to tackle, and her determination will take her through every project she touches. She has a unique, refreshing view on healthcare that will be an asset for any company looking to really make changes and progress in the healthcare world. She is positive, progressive, professional and wants to make a difference."

  • Laura Shapland


    "Anja's professionalism and healthcare knowledge have helped our growing company appear polished in front of clients and prospects. She is a consummate team player who is not afraid to get her hands dirty and continually looks for ways to add value."

  • Dr. Edward Williams


    "Anja is an excellent communicator, extremely professional, with a demeanor that brings a refreshing perspective to any consulting team. She has the unique ability to sift through details and is extremely results driven which is critical to the success of any project."